Version: Beta.

Instructions: To use the FLAVi-Web applications please provide a Name and Email in the above fields. If you wish to start a new annotation then leave the Job ID field blank and upload your FASTA file; then hit the submit button. If you are retrieving a file that is already complete then enter the Job ID provided for your file in the appropriate field and hit the submit button. Please note that the Name, Email and Job ID are case sensitive. All information must be input exactly as shown above.

Data Collection:

  • For security reasons, we will store some data within the server's log files (e.g., time, name, and email). You will be able to use the data stored this way to retrieve the results of your analysis, but we do not guarantee to save your files for any period of time. We can delete uploaded data at any moment. Backing up is key.
  • We will not process the data you provide, except for the following cases: suspicion of a criminal offense, statistical purposes, optimization of the web-service, and research use.
  • Please consider that data transfer over the internet is unsecured. We cannot guarantee that transferred data will not be read or altered by unauthorized third parties.

Contact Information: To visit the homepage of Janies' lab, go to janieslab.github.io.

Stand Alone Application: FLAVi pipeline is available at gitlab.com/MachadoDJ/FLAVi.

How to Cite:

  • Schneider A. de B., Jacob Machado D., Guirales S., and Janies D. A. FLAVi: An Enhanced Annotator for Viral Genomes of Flaviviridae. Viruses 12(8):892. DOI: 10.3390/v12080892
  • Collaborators:

    UNC Charlotte
    UC San Diego